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Artist Statement

My work combines collage and paint in multi-layered compositions almost like mosaics of images that can be viewed from a distance as whole entities or ‘read’ in their individual segments.   My history as a writer, as well as a visual artist combine, so that the materials of printed matter—our precious hold on a world outside of our selves-- are re-contextualized.  
These remnants--dictionaries, encyclopedia, newspapers, magazines—rendered obsolete in our digital age--take on new meaning in my work existing both as decontextualized graphics and as commentary on our collective histories.  Hence a photograph of Eichmann may exist next to an advertisement for a refrigerator.   Rather than mourn the death of print, I celebrate its materiality.   The fonts of news headlines, the tissue-like pages of Encyclopedia Britannica, the supersaturated color of Life magazine may no longer be precious as the currency of the moment, but they exist as evidence of the past and, more simply and immediately, as lovely scraps of paper.
Podcast @ The Art Garage, May 2014
Paintings 2014
Paintings 2013
Before 2013



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