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Day 6 Habit well underway

And so it goes. It's not really much easier to write today than it was when I began doing this. What's harder though is not doing it.

If I don't do it today, then what were those last five days about? What about the people I mentioned this to? What about my imaginary readership? I know at this point, no one is reading this. It's entirely possible no one will ever read it, however I think it's more likely that some few will stumble upon it here and there. Whether they read it actually or just let it drift by their eyes on their screens, is entirely other question. So assuming that I get a bit more renown than none, optimistically speaking around fifteen people will read this over the course of the rest of my life. I think we can average one a year who happlessly clicks into my musings. This seems a small number when many people are making thousands a day and having a million people look at them with a screen filter and a goofy expression. Or trying out shampoo or petting a puppy. Nevertheless, those fifteen are my audience spurious and distracted as they may be.

This means you.

And I've committed to writing every single day. It's not that I am deluded enough to think that your day wouldn't be complete with a few of my turns of phrase. I just don't want you thinking I said I was going to do a thing and then I didn't do it.


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