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lost the thread

I didn't post anything yesterday. The streak ended.

It's because I had a guest and I don't often have guests. This was my beloved niece who I've never had enough time with and never had all to myself ever. So it's not that I don't like guests. I love them. But when I have guests I don't know how to keep myself on my normal schedule. I want to drink wine in the middle of the day. And talk all night. I don't know what the news is and I don't check my social media. But I also don't write, work in my studio, take my vitamins. So the guest hosting is wonderful and fun but like a vacation from real life. I am not taking any calls while Skylar is here! Not one.

But the very specialness of the moment with guests means I have to return after vacation and find that things need to be dealt with because they've been ignored. And so I have that dreaded backlog to address. Even if it's only been one day and there actually is NO backlog. My life isn't normally packed full of backloggable incidents. Even so my fantasy as I wave goodbye and do two days of dishes is as if I'd been in a coma for ten years and missed everything.

I think I need to maintain myself while having guests so I don't find myself untended to when they go away. So. Today I write twice. This was number one.


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